Chevrolet S10 2.2L 1999 Fuse Box/Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

Posted by :Franc Seth, 2021

1BTS (W/ A/T) Fuse10A
2B/U LP (UBEC) Fuse25A
3Starter Relay (Mini Relay)
4IGN B Mxi Fuse50A
5IGN E (UBEC) Fuse10A
6RAP Maxi Fuse40A
8IGN A (UBEC) Maxi Fuse40A
10PARKLP Fuse20A
11STUD #2 Maxi Fuse30A
12ATC Fuse30A
15HAZLP Fuse20A
17Rear Defogger Relay Mini Relay
18RRDFOG Fuse30A
19HTDMIR Fuse10A
20Headlamp Grounding Relay Micro Relay
21RR W/W Fuse15A
22CRANK Fuse10A
23STOPLP Fuse20A
24TBC Fuse10A
25High Mounted Stop Lamp Relay Micro Relay
26Fog Lamp Relay Micro Relay
28IGN C Fuse15A
29FOG LP Fuse15A
30Horn Relay Micro Relay
31Daytime Running Lights Relay Diode
32A/C Fuse10A
33A/C Copressor Clutch Relay (Micro)
34HORN Fuse15A
35Daytime Running Lights Relay (Micro)
36Fuel Pump Prime Connector
37RT HDLP Fuse10A
38FR PRK Fuse10A
39LT TURN Fuse (Front)10A
40RT TURN Fuse (Front)10A
41Headlamp Power Relay (Micro Relay)
42LT HDLP Fuse10A
43TRL PRK Fuse10A
44RR PRK Fuse10A
45VEH B/U Fuse15A
46ECM B Fuse20A
47TRL B/U Fuse10A
48TRRTRN Fuse10A
49TRLTRN Fuse10A
50RT TRN Fuse (Rear)10A
51LT TRN Fuse (Rear)10A
52ENG I Fuse (UBEG)10A
53ECM I Fuse (UBEG)15A
54INT BAT Maxifuse50A
55ABS Maxifuse60A
Pump Relay (Micro Relay)
56Fuel Pump Relay
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