Chevrolet Corsica 1997 Left The Dash Fuse Box/Block Circuit Breaker Diagram

Posted by :Franc Seth, 2021

Fuse SymbolAmpsFuse Map
115AComputer Command Control, Fuel Injector (1987-89 & 1991-93)
20A(1989-91-95) Stoplights, Hazard Lights
315A(1987-88) Radio
10A(1991-95) SIR (Air Bag), Ignition
420A(1987-88) Stoplights, Hazard Lights
10A(1993-95) Alternator, Anti-Lock Brake (1992-95), LGO Heater Pipe (1992-94), D.R.L(1995)
520ABack-Up Lights, Turn Signal Lights
20A(1989-95) Trunk Release, Cigarette Lighter (1989-90 Corsica Only) 1991-95 Corsica & Beretta)
720AParking & Side Marker Lights, License Lights
825AHeater & Air Conditioner
920AGauges/Warning Indicator, Audible Warning System, Rear Window Defogger, Air Conditioner, Computer Command Control(1987-90) Cruise Control(1995), D.R.L(1995)
1025AWindshield Wiper/Washer
15A(1994-95) Courtesy Lights, Clock, Door Locks (1987-93), Horn (1987-93), Cigar Lighter (1987-90)(1989 Beretta), Radio-CD(1991-95), Trunk Release (1987-88), Audible Warning System, ABS Pasive Belts
1235A(1987-91) Circuit Breaker
30A(1992-95) Circuit Breaker Power Windows
3A(1992-95) Instrument Panel Lights, Headlight Reminder (1987-90)
1415ARadio, Cruise Control, Clock (1987-88)
1535A(1987-91) Circuit Breaker
30A(1992-95) Circuit Breaker, Power Door Locks, Rear window Defogger
16-(1987-88 & 1990)
10A(1989) MAF Sensor (V6)
3A(1992-93) DRL
20A(1994-95) Fuel Pump/Injectors
3A(1991-93) SIR
10A(1994-95) Automatic Door Unlock(Remove to Disable)
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